Recovery is a journey of hope, healing and new beginnings.

Have you ever wondered why you always felt “not good enough?” Did you want to experience more from life, but you don’t know how to access intimacy with God and others? The journey of recovery is an opportunity to take a deep look at the beliefs, mindsets and overall system that stands in the way of accessing the power of grace. This journey will take you deeply into the heart of God where you can learn the truth about the way He loves you, the plans He has for you and the basic tools of finding restoration and freedom.


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  1. Yes, Katie! Classes will be posted with information before and after each workshop. You can get the notes for classes and then the recordings after the classes on here!

  2. I’m located in Norwalk ct and need help is there anything in the area or on line the best way?

  3. Just wanted to say that this is exactly the help I need… After being married for 12 years to an alcoholic, today is my 39th birthday and maybe this is the best present EVER to myself!! Thank you, can’t believe I finally found such information, this IS a God thing I recognize that for sure. Everything sounds so helpful and just what I have been craving for too too long!

      1. I just got my book that was shipped to me through Barns & Nobles yesterday. At our church prayer meeting yesterday I also received Gods word to forgive the person in my life I was codepedent with; a young lady who I considered like a daughter. Now I can truely continue to pray for her salvation. It doesn’t depend on me but its in the real saviors hand. KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS AS WE BOTH HEAL.

    1. Thank you..Please pray for my love one to be saved. I was just praying for her.Pray for breakthough and deliverance from drugs and prostitution. Pray for her salvation. Pray that she would go back to a chritian recovery program..God can do anything..I trust jis ways.These are her initials CS but God knows her name.

  4. I went through the Christian Co-dependency webinar last year, and I can say, ” I am NOT the same person.” Thank you, Jesus and Stephanie Tucker and her staff! I was BOUND hard to being codependent and had been that way most of my life, but through some hard work, resolving some old issues, and even grieving, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I AM FREE! I have “moments” but I recognize where I may be slipping, and I use the tools I learned from Christian Co-dependency.
    I am truly thankful that Jesus allowed me to find this program. I do not live in California but I was able to attend by webinar, and I received so much during this time.
    I am also a counselor and I would highly recommend this program for anyone who struggles with codependency. What I love most about the program is that is all all about Jesus.

    1. I’m also a counselor but was bound by codependency..I’m now free thanks to prayer pastoral counseling and time.
      Despite my education and training codependency creaped my life but now I understand it all due to the workbook.

  5. I just finished the introduction to codependence. God is calling me to the freedom you spoke about but right now it seems impossible. I commit to watch the webinar and work the workbook and trust that I am here for God’s reasons….freedom. thank you.

  6. hey. a recent event in my life triggered fear and through a few conversations and some internet research God led me to this website, the book, etc. so i’m working through this workbook on my own. i’ve watched the first 2 sessions on webinar and am working on and continually adding to the life story. i’ve done this all in about 4 days and it has overwhelmed me greatly. i know it is a process and that God needs to heal me so i think i need to slow down but i don’t know how slow to go. when writing my life story i addressed stuff in the writing i’d never even acknowledged before that pen met the page. with all this past on my mind during the present it is a struggle and i don’t know who or where to talk because i’m going through this process on my own. what time frame do you suggest? i’m an all or nothing person and i know this can’t go that way. advice please? i think if i continue at my current pace i simply won’t make it but i don’t know what to do…….reread? just put the book down for a few days? ideas?

  7. Good afternoon, I heard you speak Monday night at class and just wanted to know that I’m very interested in the curriculum for myself and also as a counselor. please get back in touch with me and let me know if it’s possible to join the class now or if I should wait until they start again. Thank you Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! You are welcome to join! We have two workshops going on and can find a way to squeeze you in! On this blog, you’ll find the information under Coda Workshop or Grace Built Workshop depending on which you’d prefer. Usually I would say the Intro workshop first; but since you are a counselor A House that Grace Built has key subjects that pertain the counseling room. If you come on-site, we do have a parking restriction due to the high number of parking spaces we were taking at one time. Our office landlord now requires that all workshop participants park in an outside area – the street, etc. Please e-mail me directly if you any questions – I will be doing training late January or February! You might also really like that!

  8. Thank you,for this encouraging and informative website! I have felt lost and alone for a long time. Now, I have hope for the very first time in my life. Thank You! God Bless You!

  9. Hi Stephanie, will you be offering any other training events this year? I am very interested in doing it but the timing of this event is a bit off for me.

  10. My ex wife and I would like to know further information about your treatment for my daughter, she is in desperate need to treatment for abuse and drug dependency.
    Please email me a number to call you if you may please and thank you

  11. Your teaching has transformed a small but mighty group of women in Urbana, Ohio. Thank you for your prayerful writing. We are now knee deep into the Grace Book, and loving it!!

    1. Hey Stephanie! We switched it to October 7th start date! Sorry for the confusion, but the registration for is up! Click under “Events” button and you’ll find the registration information! If you have any problems accessing that, please let me know! I hope to meet you soon!

  12. Hello – I would like to learn about your upcoming codependence workshop in February 2016. How do I find out information about the class structure, time commitment, and registration? I would be attending via webinar. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Joe,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our videos. We do not have DVD’s at this time. We just have the videos on YouTube – but I believe there is a way to download that to your personal computer. Please feel free to use it for a group or class if you are able to figure out how to do that on your end. With blessings, Stephanie Tucker

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