Grace Built Workshop

This workshop is now housed at our main ministry, Spirit of Life Recovery. You will need to register, but you will receive access to all available downloads and videos as you did before. Click here to be re-directed to our main website. 

13 thoughts on “Grace Built Workshop”

  1. I am interested in The House that Grace Build for the ministry at my church. I am a christian recovering from codependency. I thank you for allowing God work through you creating this ministry . If I can get the Pdf. material of this I would truly be thankful and grateful. I know God has called me in the ministry of codependency I need training if you can help in any way I will be thankfuul.
    Sharon Gray

      1. Thank you for responding to me below is my e-mail. Thank so much for the resources you have for me.
        Sharon Gray

  2. So excited about Advanced Coda. I know its gonna hurt, be painful and at times I’ll want to run. But…the idea of moving forward is to compelling for me. I am ready for Jesus to turn it all around. God Bless — Gale Jones

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I wasn’t able to listen in this morning to the Adv. Intro to The house that grace built.
    I didn’t see any notes or a video recording from the webinar.
    I wasn’t sure if it is too soon to see this posted or if I’m missing it somewhere?


  4. Thank you! I saw and heard you with my iPad, and was blessed! Any issues I had yesterday were IPad user issues. ☺️ I look forward to the coming weeks.

    1. Hey Sue! Great to see you on here again! Let me know what types of problems if they were major and I can ask the provider. I want to wait until we move to our new facility and have upgraded service to determine the source of a slow video feed. We don’t have great speeds right now, but in a few weeks we’ll have fantastic speeds! I might eventually switch over to live streaming – but the webinar has some really helpful feature for the group discussion, so I’m not yet sure. I appreciate the feedback! Have a wonderful day!

  5. hi Stephanie , I am going through the house that gracebuilt again with a friend the last time I went through the videos were under the link they are no longer there. I looked on vimeo but could only find certain chapters. where can I find all the chapters now

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