Can You Help Us Further this Mission?

Spirit of Life Recovery is a 501-c3 non-profit tax-exempt organization. We believe we are first accountable and dependent on God financially, and trust in Him to provide for us, which in turn can provide to others. That means if you are in need, we will do what we can as God leads to serve you, without any expectation in return. However, if you feel you are able to contribute to our cause and give as God directs, we will wisely use it to further the mission. We are truly grateful to those who contribute. We are fully dependent on donations made by people or organizations to continue to support the mission. Spirit of Life Recovery uses over 95% of donation to directly provide resources directly to ministry, without any high administrative costs. That’s because the people at Spirit of Life are committed to the mission of transforming lives above anything else!

Tax receipts are available for donations made without any service or product in return.

All credit cards payment are processed through Pay Pal.

Click here to donate.

Visit to learn more

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