On-demand videos are for personal use to correspond with The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance. Please feel free to share these in group settings if you are running a workshop.

7 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Hey Stephanie! Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been using these videos to lead a codependence recovery group at my church. Just wondering if you have any plans to add videos for “A House That Grace Built?” Again, thank you for your faithful service!

    1. Thanks Stacie! We just have the webinars right now, but in January we’ll be switching to a different format that will allow us to YouTube videos similar to these! So yes, eventually, we should get all the classes in a similar manner! Be blessed! So glad you are joining us!

  2. I am a sex therapist with offices in CO and FL. I send so many women to do your full webinar series that need it so bad!!!!! I could not do my job as well without the support of your amazing resources. We spoke once on the phone. I shall meet you in person one of these days. Thank you for what you do!
    Many blessings!

  3. Dear Stephanie, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gift of wisdom as I journey through codependency recovery. I am a recovering alcoholic & went through in-house alcohol recovery in Methodist Hospital in Rochester Minnesota back in 1992. I stayed sober for 12 years only to relapse in 2004.
    After drinking with my husband since we met in 1984, the relapse really wasn’t as surprise as I didn’t actively stay in the AA program. After years again of drinking, in 2015 I feel breaking my neck due to my drunkenness.
    In a wheelchair, I started going through my church program called “Quest 180” only to discover an amazing Codependency group where we use your material. Because of your anointed teachings, I now understand why I am the way I am and thank you & my Savior Jesus Christ for leading me to true recovery! I live with a husband who still abuses alcohol & marijuana but find joy in who I am & joy & peace knowing that God is in control & I control me, my choices, boundaries, what I participate in & my attitude.
    My family, children & friends notice the work being done through me by your teaching and God’s word! I thank you and love you for all you do! Lifting you up before Our amazing God today with continued pray for you! Thank you with all my heart!❤️☦️

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and truth with us!
    By God’s Grace I’m in a Christian Codependent Recovery group here in So. Philly and “working” with an amazing sponsor. See uses your materials ie, Christian Codependency, A house that Grace Built, etc. for our small group. We’re currently doing a video series from an online workshop she did with you “Healing Rooted Issues”. Which I’m unable to find on your website. Going back into these deep wounded places, that are keeping me from living the authentic Life Jesus’ died to give me isn’t easy. Feeling the emotions that have been buried from years of stuffing; not allowing myself to feel have ruined my life and so many of my relationships. Even though I’ve been a Christian and leader for 23 years finding recovery and working on myself with the help guidance of the Holy Spirit and unconditional love of God, i finally am finding freedom from a performance based/ works mentality! I also discovered there’s a “Gap” between what I’m saying/scripture says and how i live! “A GAP is the result of unfinished business in our family of origin, unmet needs, old wounds, lies we continue to believe (strongholds) and past traumatic experiences that our human heart has not surrendered to the LORD) these are truths that I’m learning from you and my sponsor. Prayerfully, I’ll Stay the course of this journey to finally live the Zoe-John 10:10 life Jesus died for me to have. I cannot tell you how much your materials have helped me and others in our small group. So unfortunately don’t stick around to see their miracle but our group leaders show up week after week, year after year to help others find Freedom from the lies we’ve learned and self defeating behaviors we recycled all our lives! Thank you and may God continue to bless you, your ministry and your family! Would you pls let me know where i can view the Healing rooted issues videos? Thank you again! Carol Trama

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