(Health & Wellness Week 4: Hygiene and Wrap Up Session



(Please note: the Powerpoint wasn’t updated on this recording. Refer to the powerpoint handouts below)


Powerpoint Handouts 

Week 4 handouts

Join us for our last and final session to learn proper hygiene techniques and how to avoid the perils of dangerous ingredients that are absorbed into the skin. Just as important, this session will be devoted to helping you find practical ways to implement these changes into your daily routine. Becky will provide an array of resources that will guide you in making healthy choices and be able to organize your life to actually implement lifestyle change. This class will summarize and bring the entire workshop together, so please don’t miss this important information!

We want your input! We want to thank you so much for your participation and welcome and need your feedback. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey!

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