Intro to Codependence

Chapter 2: Family Systems


Live Class was held on Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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Next live webinar: Tuesday, March 25 (Chapter 3)
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A special thanks to Cecilia and Lynne for facilitating yesterday’s class! I had the blessing of sharing the day with my mom who was visiting me from out of state. As you can tell, Cecilia is a gifted teacher and has a true testimony of transformation – both personally and within marriage, thus her perspective was especially powerful in this topic. Chapter 2 focused on the reality of what happens when the family system as God intended breaks down, and began to introduce the principles of recovery within the family system. Please understand, right now we are looking to understand, diagnose and compare and contrast truth with our own exposure to relationship skills. Change occurs gradually in these areas, thus it’s not something we can necessarily implement immediately. The purpose of this book will not be to focus on fixing those broken relationships immediately, but rather to work on mending and repairing our own hearts through the resource of God’s grace. Learning to be a child of God might seem ridiculously simple. But once you gain access into the heart of your Heavenly Father as your “dad”, you’ll gain access into your value, worth, significance and the enormity of love He has towards you. This will alter your perspective and understanding of why He created family in the first place.

When we get overwhelmed, we must understand that everything we are doing in this process is to allow God to heal and redeem what has been broken, damaged, lost or invalidated. You might say “you don’t know my parents, or you don’t know my spouse.” The truth is that you might have a relationship with overwhelming challenges. We don’t need to negate that reality, and in fact will be exposing those truths in this process. But the hope of recovery is that God is your Father, Jesus is your Spouse, and whatever occurred past or will occur in the future rests on our ability to tap into the magnitude of living out our relationship with Him. Do you believe that He is enough? We are only getting started. Let’s keep pressing forward together. Next week we are going to move and learn about the area of emotions.

Read Chapter 3 and answer the questions, focusing especially on identifying with your emotions.

Next live webinar: Wednesday, March 25, 2014

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