Christian Families in Recovery, Other

Christian Families in Recovery and Other Workshops


We excited to offer a new workshop this Fall based on the recently released title Christian Families in Recovery by Robert and Stephanie Tucker.  If you or someone you knows just needs to the gift of understanding and some practical tools to combat addiction or participate in recovery in a healthy way, this is a wonderful option. It will offer a basic understanding of addiction from a Christian perspective, along with the ways that addiction seeps into the family system and hurts everyone involved. Most important, it’s packed full of the hope of redemption and the authentic ways God seeks to intervene and restore family members individually and as a whole.

Like all our workshops, this is available live (only a few spaces are left) or via webinar.

Click here to find more details or learn about the other workshops we will be offering!

Hope to see you in the Fall!

With grace,

Stephanie Tucker

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