A House that Grace Built

AHTGB: Chapter 1: The Task of Rebuilding


We had a great class, but I apologize to those on the webinar who lost the video connection. Hang in there! We’ll have better connection equipment soon! Also, for those who had a chance to share in small groups and the online chat, thank you! Connection will be a theme, and this is a healthy and positive environment where we can learn the benefits of sharing from the heart and being vulnerable.

Chapter 1 dealt primarily with the principles of surrender, rebuilding, relating to God in love and understanding the power of the Holy Spirit. The crumbling house we are talking about in this chapter is the nature of our codependence – which appears in the form of self-sufficiency. It is the mind-set of being orphaned, and having to manage life without necessary resources. But because God is invited to the scene of “wreckage”, watching the house fall down is something to embrace. It’s burden, it’s lie, it’s stronghold are what God wants to throw away. In it’s place, He read, able and competent to rebuild.

Transaction for the Week:

Am I ready, if I haven’t already, to let the crumbling house fall down the cliff? Do I EXPECT God to be there to catch me, and begin to rebuild His way? Do I believe that He can?  Do I believe He loves me and wants to?

Next week:

Read Chapter 2 and answer the questions in the workbook. Also, begin the habit of journaling as discussed in Chapter 1. It is vital to learn the relational style that it addresses.

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A House that Grace Built

Introduction to A House that Grace Built


I love this picture of Jesus. It is the passionate and priceless picture of the work He wants to do in each of us – to teach us connection, to teach us love. Many of us lost out as children, but the love of Jesus will meet us, and it will propel us into freedom. It will help us become who He intended and designed us to be! Some of us will need to be nurtured and satisfied in His grasp more intentionally – others of us will begin to carry it out and bring it to others. There is nothing gimmicky about this – real Jesus love is the potent force on earth. It should ROCK our world!

It’s been more than two years since I taught this class, and I’m blessed, excited and honored to be working with you through this process. I need to use this blog to communicate both to webinar and our onsite classes. If you will be watching much later down the line, you can disregard some of these notes and simply click on the links below!


Wow! So many of you showed up despite the difficulty with parking! Thank you so much for cooperating with our no parking policy in our lot. I didn’t expect anyone, and instead we had a full house! It’s so important that we stick to it. I know it’s a bit of inconvenience, but that seems to be the theme here!  I am going to pray blessings that it will be worth it! For those of you that opted to stay home or watch the webinar, we completely understand. We are considering pursuing some different options for an evening group! I’ll keep you posted!


The recordings are posted below for both audio and video. Our video will be drastically upgraded in a few weeks, so please hang in there! About three more weeks!

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Next week we will cover Chapter 1. Please read the Chapter and fill out the questions in the workbook.