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A House that Grace Built Summer Workshops

Need a little grace? We are excited to offer A House that Grace Built workshop in two formats this summer!

Option #1: Online/Webinar: 

Mondays at 10:00 am (Pacific Standard Time) starting June 11th, 2018
Led by Stephanie Tuckerimage

We will be joined by people all across the country (and sometimes the world!) to study A House that Grace Built chapter by chapter. We will also do a corporate prayer session. One on one sessions will be offered for those interested. We will also offer a group leadership training session after the workshop is complete.


Our Zoom software allows for a time of teaching but also group integration and chat.

This class will be recorded (if it meets technology standards) and will replace some of our missing videos currently being housed. If you can’t join us live, you can catch up at a later time.

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Option #2: Onsite Huntington Beach

Thursdays at 6:30 pm starting June 28th, 2018
Led by Lynne Montegary

This workshop is an intimate experience with other women who have a hunger for deeper healing. This is a group discussion “around the table” format that provides safety and structure for those who can make our live session.

You will be studying A House that Grace Built chapter by chapter, ending with a celebration and graduation event.

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A House that Grace Built

Chapter 20: Built for Eternity

We made it! This is our last and final class of A House that Grace Built. And this class puts everything in perspective. Eternity isn’t oftentimes the conversation piece we want to have, but in the Kingdom, it is everything. We simply can’t make sense of this world without the proper view. This class sought to seal everything up into a redemptive formula. Not only that, but our purpose now becomes more vivid when have the proper framing. My prayer is that you’ll run this race of life with courage and strength, not of your own, but  in Jesus. Knowing who you are, who you belong to and knowing where you are going. In the end, your journey of recovery has more value than we can even comprehend. It is preparing us not only in the here and now, but also for that day when we will see Jesus face to face. Are you ready? What glorious hope that awaits us.

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Chapter 20

A House that Grace Built

Chapter 17: Securing Our Inner Courts (Honor)

For those of you following our classes online, this recording came out slightly delayed and has some slight audio breaks. They are minor, but just in case you are wondering when you are watching I wanted to make you aware. This class actually was about the principle of honor, and what an important truth. Of all the classes, this one may have struck the deepest chord in people. It is a critical and amazing truth to discover, and one I promise you will lead you into deeper levels of freedom once you grasp its nature. Honor cannot be bypasses as the center-piece of relationship skills. I pray this will bless you.

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Chapter 17

A House that Grace Built

Chapter 16: Gates of Glory

For those of you following by blog only, I apologize for the delay. Chapter 16 was a sweet chapter that reminded us of the important functions God performs in our lives. The burning question (and sometimes debate) – is it possible to access the presence of God? The Old Testament temple did just that. As temples of the Holy Spirit in New Testament Christianity, it should be clear that the Holy Spirit indwelling us is something we can experience, not just a theology we are meant learn. I can’t quite articulate how passionate I am about people encounter God personally. I could teach this type of lesson until I’m blue in the face, but it’s not until this experiential form of Christianity becomes your personal reality that it will contain merit. That’s why my deepest prayer is that you will KNOW Him. I don’t mean know in your head, I mean experience knowledge of Him by virtue of experience. This lesson try to walk you through the components of accessing God’s presence, and protecting His gates. I pray you enjoy.

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Chapter 16

A House that Grace Built

Spiritual Warfare

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Chapter 15 notes

This week’s class was perhaps the most important. In my years working in recovery and dealing with the many different scenarios that arise, I feel that spiritual warfare is the most misunderstood. Perhaps this is the area where people are most vulnerable to the enemy’s attempts to keep them from living out freedom. I certainly don’t say that provoke fear, but to be vigilant, to be aware, to understand the enemy’s tactics and devices. Most Christians make one of two mistakes in discerning warfare:

  1. They underemphasize the power of the demonic realm, and believe that being Christian is enough to overcome and be victorious. Thus, as they deal with different difficulties, they focus on people and behaviors, not recognizing the enemy’s part.
  2. They overemphasize spiritual warfare, blaming the enemy for everything, and labeling everything as “warfare.” Thus, when various situations arise where they need to repent, confess, or deal with an area in their own soul, they blame the enemy and thus remain in some form of denial.

In this class, I sought to uncover the strategies of the enemy, as well as the methods we can use in God’s power and the name of Jesus to  overcome. There is nothing pretty about warfare, but at the same time, if you recognize the magnificent reality of life in Jesus as His bride and child of the King, you can be confident and able to overcome. . Not in your own strength or might, but in the power of God’s resources and His spiritual weapons.

A House that Grace Built

Untangling Outer Courts

This class summarized the important concepts of Chapter 14 – and how the external “outer courts” need to be put in their proper place. From friendships, to relationships with the church, to our ministry calling, we need to clearly differentiate where everything belongs. I’m excited and blessed to have made it thus far with each of you, and encourage you to continue with us as we seek some of the practical aspects of “gate” building in the next chapters to come.

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Chapter 14 Notes

Next Week! Spiritual Warfare!

A House that Grace Built

AHTGB Chapter 13: Rooms of Children

We completed Chapter 13 last week as we looked at the realities of facing the rooms of our children. Above of all, the message revolved around the nature of redemptive love, and the belief that God is capable and able to handle those issues of our children. The biggest issue most of us face in a child’s room is guilt. This class showed us how to take that negative energy and use it productively to fight on behalf of our children rather than succumb to the lies of the enemy. Yes, there is something you can do!


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Chapter 13 Parenting Rev 2

What’s Next?

Chapter 14, which is where this ALL comes to together !

A House that Grace Built

AHTGB: The Marriage Room Part 2


We’ve been on a journey. This week we wrapped up the redemptive principles of marriage. My heart was to not try to squeeze an absolute, detailed analysis on how to “fix” a marriage past or present. Rather, it was to present a portrait of how Jesus engages in this process. I’m excited that have the HD videos now available. We are still fairly new to this technology, but thank you for your patience as we have made the switch. If you haven’t yet seen this or missed us live this week, I encourage you to see the vital truth – it will apply to marriages of past, present and singlehood.

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chapter 12 part 2

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Next Week: Chapter 13: Parenting 

A House that Grace Built

Marriage Room, Part 1


This class began to address the delicate and tedious nature of marriage as it relates to the recovery and healing process. It covered the assessment process, and also sought to bring the perspective of healing and marriage to Jesus as the priority. To be honest, I spoke from the heart, not from notes. Our class was filled with tears as some of the aspects of this can be difficult. But the hope is always in the life-giver, Jesus. His primary role is to be Husband to us. And our primary role in life is to be His precious bride. It doesn’t negate, however, the utter sanctity and intense influence marriage will have in our hearts. God does care very much about this relationship, and seeks to meet us where we are at.

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Chapter 12 Outline

A House that Grace Built, Other

Healing Past Rooted Issues in 3D


This class is from a part 2 of Chapter 11 in A House that Grace Built. Unfortunately, we lost the recording of Chapter 11, so this will pick up some of the themes, but it incorporates material outside the book. We did a inner healing prayer in this session, but did not have that in recording. In the future, our team will be allowing for one-on-one sessions in that area of need. Most of this close focused on the reality that healing is not necessary linear and something accessible on a surface level. Rather, it has depth, and as we move from one area to the next, we can expect for God to take us into more and more areas that need to be addressed.

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Going 3D

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