Class Recordings

Welcome! Please find attached our blog from 2012. Within each post is a recorded webinar, handouts and chapter information related to the subject. May God bless your desire to experience freedom and wholeness in Him.

Chapter 1 – The Task of Rebuilding
Chapter 2 – A Season of Preparation
Chapter 3 –  The Framework of Growth
Chapter 4 – The Power of Connection
Chapter 5 –  The Design of Intimacy
Chapter 6 – Learned Intimacy Styles
Chapter 7 – The Sacred Room of Family Intimacy
Chapter 8  – Assessing Intimacy in Our Courts
Chapter 9 – The Doorway of Redemption
Chapter 10 – Applying Redemptive Principles
Chapter 11 – Cleaning the Rooms of the Past
Chapter 12 – Healing the Rooms of Marriage
Chapter 13 – Redeeming the Room of Children
Chapter 14 – Untangling Our Outer Courts
Chapter 15 – Fortifying Our Hearts
Chapter 16 – Honoring the Gates of Glory
Chapter 17 – Securing our Inner Courts
Chapter 18 – Restoring our Outer Courts
Chapter 19 – Dressed for Success
Chapter 20 – Built for Eternity

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