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If you are local to the Orange County, CA area, please join us at our office location for a small group.

Breaking Point Intervention

Thursday nights at 6:30 pm for 4 weeks
January 18th-February 8th
Taught by Lynne Montegary

Are you trying to manage the storm of addiction? Do you feel worn down, tired and unsure where to go? Breaking Point is an intervention program designed for family members to be empowered and equipped with tangible solutions. This material will help you to assess, understand and get the help you need to stabilize the situation and make decisions that will move you away from crisis and into a plan. A personalized program is available upon request for an additional fee.  Cost is $10 per class, but scholarships are available.
Topics include: 
January 18th: Intro to Intervention
January 25th: How to handle someone else’s addiction
February 1st: How to Help, How to Not Help
February 8th: Intervention planning

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The  Christian Codependence Workshop – Introduction Workshop (On-Site Only)

Thursday nights at 6:30 pm for 15 weeks
January 28th – May 24th
Taught by Lynne Montegary

 Meets at: 
18652 Florida Street, Suite 200
Huntington Beach, CA  92648
The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance is a spirit-led process of self-confrontation and truth-finding where we will be able to dig deep into harmful patterns and belief systems that have “blocked” us. At the very same time, we will learn the radical and perfect relationship skills formed by our Creator, God. This will enable us over time to find balance, healthy boundaries and move into authentic identity.
Workshops Include:
  • Facing Codependence
  • Family Systems
  • Emotional Strongholds
  • Love Systems
  • Ceasing Control: The Pathway to Surrender
  • Breaking Free From Denial
  • Exposing Shame
  • Receiving the Gift of Forgiveness
  • Offering the Gift of Forgiveness
  • Embracing Identity
  • Building Healthy Boundaries
  • Balancing Principles & Promises
Is there a fee?
We request a donation of $10/workshop to help us maintain these services. This workshop is led by a certified professional Christian counselor and is treated similar to group therapy as opposed to strictly a recovery meeting forum. If you cannot afford to donate, please let us know so we can accommodate you. Materials are required to be purchased!

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A House that Grace Built – Advanced 
Workshop (On-site Only)
A new workshop is coming  in 2018! Please check back for more information!
Taught by: Lynne Montegary
Meets at: 
18652 Florida Street, Suite 200 Huntington Beach, CA  92648
What is this workshop? 
A House that Grace Built is an application driven process that takes codependence recovery to a deeper level, allowing us to utilize the spiritual resources we need to live this life as God intended. It is truly about building a life that is based on God’s design rather than survival.
Through this second phase of recovery we’ll be dealing with some specific areas including:
  • Understanding how to gain new coping mechanisms
  • Gaining tools to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally
  • Identifying the principles that drive relationships in a healthy way, and those that are destructive
  • Learning about the nature of intimacy, and how God designed our hearts to carry different purposes relationally
  • Embracing redemptive principles where we can look at each specific relationship past and present and apply God’s healing (this will include childhood, marriage, children, romantic relationships, etc.)
  • Developing solid boundaries and spiritual protection based on God’s truth and the resources of His Spirit – loving people as He designed, but protecting ourselves from unhealthy influences
  • Forming a heart and desire for authentic character development based on God’s Spirit, not outward behavior
  • Seeing this life through the canvas of eternity, a perspective that is more far reaching than what we can see with our eyes
Is there a fee?
Our workshops are free of charge. However, we ask a donation of $50 or more be made, which will include the book. You will receive an e-mail with the download of the application companion workbook for free upon registration. The donation isn’t requirement, but helps support our organization and allows us to continue to offer services to the community (we are a non-profit 501-3c organization).  If you cannot make a donation or can only share a small amount, please remember to purchase a book for $15. They will be available on the first day. When registering, you can choose “Paid” or “Unpaid” options. The paid allows you add a donation before you register. The unpaid allows you register without a donation.

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