Upcoming event March 30th, 2019


9:30 am – 7:30 pm 

Located at Spirit of Life Recovery Training Center (Living Free Institute) OR

18652 Florida Street, Suite 222
Limited Space available! 

Led by Stephanie Tucker, Tina Pomroy and Lynne Montegary


Move into a deeper level of equipping and understanding the unique ministry of codependence with a brand new training seminar designed to orchestrate heart healing.  Whether you are a professional therapist or simply want to administer ministry in your church or local group, you will find resources to launch and prepare you to take that step.

This training will offer both the training content and interactive exercises to help reinforce what you are learning.  When you complete with this seminar, alongside the online course(s) for the respective workbook, you will gain insight into how codependence is formed, how healing happens, and what the long-term goals and challenges involve in being a part of this ministry. This training will look beyond the surface of the workshop process and dig into the bigger picture of cultural challenges, spiritual realities and soul healing as it relate to injuries of the heart. 

This is not a counselor or one on one training instruction preparation- but will aid you in developing a ministry based on The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook.  Once you complete your online testing and approval by our Institute, you will also be added to our group leader list for a national database. 

Are you interested in A House that Grace Built? Sign up for this training and you’ll be offered access to an additional course option following the training event for a small upgrade ($20) which will give you access to online class and additional group training.  


Attend without a Certificate – $20
Limited amounts of seats are available and reservation is required! 

Christian Codependence Leadership Certificate – $95
Includes seminar, materials, books and online course with testing.
(Some scholarships are available on a limited basis – please e-mail You will be added to our Facebook group leader group support as an ongoing mechanism to help you connect with our ministry and others.  

CEU’s (Briening, CCAPP (on-site only) and NDAAC) 
Stand alone CEU’s $80
Bundled with certificate $125

Do want to learn more advanced approached? Become a coach? You will learn how! Are you already a professional and need a counseling certification in codependence? We offer this through the ACADC Institute – please contact Stephanie Tucker to learn more. 


9:00 – Registration Opens

9:30 – Worship

10:00 – 10:55 AM
Session 1: 
Equipped for Leadership Role in Codependence & Healing Ministries – Preparation, ethics and boundaries

11:00 – 11:55 AM
Session 2: Defining codependence and the need to minister in church, ministry and clinical practice


Session 3:Attachment, Intimacy, Bonding Styles and Relational Breakdowns (Rooted Issues)

Session 4:
Administering Healing to Trauma, Wounds and Inner Injuries of the Heart 

3:00- 3:55
Session 5: Barriers and Challenges

4:00 – 4:55
Session 6: 
Breakout Sessions

  1. Professional counseling treatment planning for codependence (Tina Pomroy)
  2. How to organize and lead group for codependence ministry (Lynne Montegary) 


Session 7: 6:00-7:30

Spiritual Warfare, Inner Healing & Prayer Session Training

12 thoughts on “Training”

  1. My name is Colleen Ohlandt. I have contacted your organization in the past. I am leading a recovery group workshop on the Christian Codependence Recovery Workshop From Surviving to Significance here in Las Vegas NV. I heard you may have a Leader guidebook available in PDF. Please contact me if I can have this resource sent to me via e mail. Thank you.

  2. I am so glad about that, because I am living in Germany. So it is possible for me to train that precious work and use it here for His glory.

  3. Hi Sephanie, My son is a pastor of a small church. Before I was a Christian I attended a Coda group. There are so many that could benefit but I have been praying for a way to bring in into our church as a Christian Coda Group. I found you, have ordered your work book and have listened to some of your video’s. I would love to order your training video’s and look forward to working through your workbook before I try to bring it in to our church. Thank you for any imput you might have for me.

    1. Hi Patty! All the training videos are included on this site. If you want to get the training materials and take the test for the certifcate, you can register on this page! I am currently developing a training for family recovery coaching next year. You might be interested in that as well! Please stay connected.

  4. Ordered the leaders book last week and then registered for the upcoming certification next week. The registration said it came with a book? will one be sent to me? I am going over the material and reviewing the videos that are posted. I am loving the material and enjoying all of the new information. Looking forward to Weds. night. The time said TBD, will I receive an email regarding this training? Really looking forward to the family recovery coaching as well!. Thank you for sharing what God has imprinted on your heart..

    1. Hi Jennifer! This class is totally self paced, so we don’t actually offer the classes in live time. However, the recordings are posted, and you were supposed to get an e-mail delivered that had the materials. You didn’t get it? Can you check SPAM. I can send you a quick copy too! When I receive your test, I’ll give you the certificate. It’s always helpful to know that I’m expecting it! Looks like we’ll be doing a class in January for the coaching! I’ll keep you posted!

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