A House that Grace Built

AHTGB: Chapter 3 Growth

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Restoration | Healing | New Beginnings



This chapter reminded us of something we often want to bypass: growth must happen, and growth takes time. Usually we enter into recovery and healing with an ideal of an outcome. Certainly God wants to perform that. However, at the very same time we must learn that the building process, just like a physical construction site, has to happen gradually and in sync with the total picture of what God is doing (blueprint). Growth requires more patience than “zaps.”

But it is in the place where we truly allow God to perform what needs to be done on our behalf that we gain access to the miracle of grace. While God is in “process”, we don’t have to be perfect. We can recognize the areas that need changing; we can pray for our part; but He doesn’t require that we get it together overnight…

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