A House that Grace Built

AHTGB Chapter 5: Intimacy Courts


As we prepare for the busy season, this class is intended to be a road map of the process we will be pursuing in the weeks to come. I I believe there is a vital need to understand the purpose of intimacy and how and where it can be misaligned. Our culture speaks so many things that contradict God’s purpose for intimacy. Not only that, intimacy is where we are the most wounded. This class focused on the nature of God’s call in our lives – how He wants to bring us into the freedom of relationship with Him, and how that will eventually translate into the realigning of all our relationships.

Most of all, as we pursue this season and all it contains, may He became the goal and the gift. May you understand that “knowing Him” is the miracle of all miracles. And may you not back down until the reality of His presence, His power, His goodness and His nature is deposited deeply in your heart.

Webinar Recording

Audio Recording


Chapter 5

Next Week:

We’ll be taking a break for the content and hear some awesome and encouraging testimonies! Don’t miss this! After this week, we’ll be breaking for two weeks and then will resume in the intimacy courts the first week of January!

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