Intro to Codependence

Chapter 11: Building Healthy Boundaries


Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay for those who are following along. We had a great class on boundaries last Tuesday, and I want to remind you that next week is our final session. You are welcome to move over to our Thursday class based on A House that Grace Built as we deal “room” by “room” on the different relationship issues. It begins at 9;30 am as opposed to 10:30. Also, a reminder that I will be offering a training seminar on Saturday, February 21st for anyone who wants to learn how to run a group. You can join this session for free for educational purposes. It’s $40 if you want to get a certificate (test required), and that cost includes either a digital or hard copy book.

Getting back on subject, boundaries was intense! It always is! We had to re-think and look at the concept of boundaries with biblical insight, but then practically apply to our lives. It’s a little crazy when you start to embrace the realities! Boundaries is tricky business! I encourage you to watch this as I couldn’t possibly explain the concepts we covered. I think you will really enjoy the way we can maneuver through this with solid biblical principles that draw us back into our real life situations.



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Boundary Chapter 11

Next Week:

Final class! Chapter 12!

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