A House that Grace Built

AHTGB Chapter 10: The Filter of Redemption


Hello everyone! Here it begins! We will be reviewing relationships in more specific ways in the next few weeks. This class gave us somewhat of a “formula” for how we can begin to deal and process through the issues each relational room will contain. This process is meant to give us the ability to heal from the past, and forge more healthy relationships in the future. But processes of the heart can’t be simply taught in a 1, 2, 3, step manner. God knows where you are, what you have been through and the areas that need deeper healing. He isn’t comparing you or aligning you with an expectation of how it should look right now. Rather, right now all we want to do is invite Him in. He reveals, He will lead us through the journey that is specific for us. My prayer is that you will be steadfast in His love towards you. That you will learn to allow Him to access: and to understand the enormity of His surgical capability when you do so.



Next week:

Chapter 11: The Rooms of the Pasot

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