A House that Grace Built

AHTGB: The Marriage Room Part 2


We’ve been on a journey. This week we wrapped up the redemptive principles of marriage. My heart was to not try to squeeze an absolute, detailed analysis on how to “fix” a marriage past or present. Rather, it was to present a portrait of how Jesus engages in this process. I’m excited that have the HD videos now available. We are still fairly new to this technology, but thank you for your patience as we have made the switch. If you haven’t yet seen this or missed us live this week, I encourage you to see the vital truth – it will apply to marriages of past, present and singlehood.

Watch the Video:

Listen to Audio:

Please note: the blog post includes the audio, but the e-mail message will show this blank. Go into the link and you’ll find it is posted!

Download Notes:

chapter 12 part 2

Please note: with the new system, you will receive these notes ahead of class if you are registered!

Next Week: Chapter 13: Parenting 

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